Entry Level to Volume Hiring
We are engaged in hiring support right from Entry level to Top Management Level. We provide services in hiring needs of our Clients for Entry level positions or Volume/Bulk Hiring mandates. We have expertise in conducting Recruitment Drives – right from understanding the requirement, sourcing right talent, scheduling them for a Drive , conducting/coordinating drives leading to high conversion ratio , saving time and effort required for the same process for individual candidate every time for people on both sides of the table.

Middle Management Hiring 
This forms the core of our business and we get largest no of requirements at middle level. We are meticulous in our apporoach and very specific in finding right candidate, that matches job requirements, interest and cultural fit with the organization. We assist clients with options of different candidates who have right talent and skills to take move to Executive level in future.

Project Specific Hiring
We are also in to Project specific hiring, which reflects hiring associated to ‘need of the hour’ in situations like temporary/project specific needs, contractual or part time needs, urgent requirements etc.

Executive Hiring
Executive search is our process of recruiting individuals to fill your senior most executive positions. Before we do it, we emphasize on understanding job specifications including Clients’ Organizational Culture, work specific talent, Leadership skills, Professional and Personal Aspirations and right attitude. We screen the candidates and work with the client on the shortlisted ones, to find perfect candidate at executive level, who can add value and build organizations.

Psychometric Assessment
We are fortunate to have a Professional Psychologist in our leadership team with her major being Industrial Psychology. We hold right tools to analyze and interpret psychometric profile, as per your Psychometric Assessment needs. We provide Psychometric Assessment Service including administration and Interpretation of various Aptitude, Personality tests and Employee Counseling as and when required by our Clients.

Resume Building
Since we deal in Recruitment Industry, we know exactly what is important and required by reputed Employers. Sometimes, applicants do have right skills and talent, but they fail to present it in right manner. Resume is any Applicant’s first encounter with Employer which creates a first impression about the applicant. We have an expert team of resume writer, which help in clearly portraying the career goals. We build resume in clear, attractive and reader-friendly format, which highlights what is important and discards unwanted material.